Treadstone Completes 1st Cranbrook Project

Treadstone completed their first Cranbrook, BC project this October with the installation of a pathway and parking area at a home in River’s Crossing. Treadstone supplied the product and Westrim Contracting completed the installation.

This was a small scale project, so the crushed rock and stabilizer powder was mixed on site with a portable mixer and watered with a garden hose. Cement mixers and heavy machinery are often used for larger projects.

Please follow along below to learn how the process works.

Step 1.  Prepare the Base – The area to be stabilized must be prepared by adding a layer of gravel and compacting it. Detailed numbers can be found here on the Stabilizer website. The thickness of the required road base will vary. A thicker layer is required where the area is going to receive vehicular traffic. A thinner layer is adequate for pedestrian traffic.

Step 2.  Mix the stabilizer and crushed rock.

Step 3.  Spread an even layer of product over the prepared area.  As with the gravel base, the thickness required for this layer will depend on what sort of traffic you’re expecting.

Step 4.  Water the Treadstone thoroughly.  It’s important that the product is completely saturated.  It’s better to err on the side of too much water than not enough.

Step 5.   Let it rest for at least 6 hours, then compact it with a one to five ton roller.

Let it dry and you’re finished!

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