In Pre-Mixed, Weed-Free 2 Ton Bags

Bumpy, cracked cart paths detract from the player experience on even the most well-manicured golf course, but patching and maintaining these vital arteries is a challenge for superintendents everywhere.

Hiring a paving crew for a few patches isn’t cost effective and  gravel alone doesn’t hold up well, so this year Shadow Mountain Golf Course decided to patch their trouble spots using stabilized crushed rock supplied by Cranbrook company Treadstone West.

“We saved a lot of time and money using Treadstone instead of asphalt,” says Brad Pasula, Director of Golf at Shadow Mountain.  “And we were able to lay it down on our schedule, using our own staff, instead of waiting on an outside contractor.”

Maintenance staff removed damaged portions of asphalt, laid down the Treadstone mixture, watered it and compacted it onsite, using minimal equipment.

Cart path patch material is now available in pre-mixed, weed-free 2 ton bags.  One 2 ton bag will cover 200 sq ft at a depth of 2″ or 150 sq ft at a 3″ depth.  Treadstone recommends using 2″ coverage for walkways and cart paths and 3″ coverage for driveways and other areas receiving truck traffic.



2 Ton Bag, FOB Sundre AB
$600 for brown or grey (shown in photo above)
$700 for black

Also available by the truck load for larger jobs.

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