Our Product

Asphalt isn't the only way

We've been trained to choose asphalt and concrete for our walkways and driveways, but they aren't our only choices, and they aren't always the best choice. Stabilized surfaces are an attractive, economical and eco-friendly option for use in large and small-scale landscape design.

Stabilizer - What is it?

It's a 100% natural soil binding product developed thirty years ago by Stabilizer Solutions, an Arizona based company now operating worldwide.

What does it do?

When mixed, compressed and 'watered', it binds rock particles and rock dust to create an all natural, 'permeable pavement' perfect for public pathways, private driveways and other uses.

What is Permeable Pavement?

Permeable pavement isn't hard like asphalt or cement, and it's not as coarse as a gravel path. It crunches underfoot to remind you it's a natural surface, but it's hard enough to ride a bike on, and compact enough to be considered accessible under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

This photo shows stabilized crushed rock before being mixed with water and compressed.